Differences Between Rene's and My micro hybrid

The main technical difference is the internal diameter of the main motor tube, The UK supplier for aluminium tube produces a tube in slightly different inner diameter, this means the nozzle and injector housing have a smaller diameter than Rene's (only a fraction of a millimeter) If you want spares producing for a Micro hybrid bought from Rene just specify this and I can produce the part to fit.

The main functional difference is in the inner diameter of the injector ( the hole the NOX is injected through) and the shape and throat diameter of the Nozzle has been refined slightly.

The other main differences between a micro hybrid purchased from Rene and Me is Mine is Pre-Made if required and Pre-made ones come anodised.

Directly compatible parts include the injector, O rings, circlips, burst disks, Paper Fuel, Hex Key and initiator bolt.

The following have slight diameter differences but can be produced for either Rene's or my micro hybrid nozzle, injector housing, T-Nut and Nylon Fuel.