Newton's Laws

Rockets are affected by Newton's Laws, and a basic understanding of these laws will aid in understanding what is happening to your rockets.

Newton's First Law

•An object at rest will remain at rest
•An object in motion will stay in motion - in a straight line, at the same speed
•As long as no force is applied (more accurately, no unbalanced force).


Newton's Second Law

•An object’s acceleration is proportional to the force applied to it.
•The force to accelerate an object is proportional to the object’s mass.
•In equation form, if we call the force "F", the object’s mass "m" and the acceleration "a", then Newton's Second Law is simply

F = m * a

Which is the most famous form of this fundamental principle of physics.

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Newton's Third Law

"For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction."

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Sir Isac Newton (04-01-1643 / 31-03-1727

Ok let’s start with those dates you are going to argue that Isaac was born on 25-12-1643 and died on 20-03-1726 it all depends on which calendar you use, Isaac was born during the period when the Julian calendar was used but died just after the start of use of the modern Gregorian calendar, with the modern Gregorian calendar the dates in the title are correct, if however you use the old Julian calendar then the alternative dates in the text are correct.

Sir Isaac Newton was an English Physicist and Mathematician, Newton was a very influential scientist and shaped a lot of the way we think of things, many of his findings are still key today as per his first, second and third laws opposite.



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