Truck Launch!

Bellow we describe a simple demonstration of the principle of action and reaction: Newton’s Third Law that every action has an equal and opposite reaction.

Equipment required:

1: Toy truck
2: A weight, simmilar weight to the truck
3: a length of thin string
4; A pair of Scisors
5: A clear smooth surface
6: A spring
7: A length of ticky tape


1. Place spring on the bed of one of the toy trucks.
2. Tape the extended spring to the back of the cab so that it does not fall off
3. Compress the spring against the back of the truck cab and place the weight behind it.
4. Tie the weight to the truck cab, holding the spring in the compressed position. (You will probably need someone to help you with this step.)
5. Set the truck down on a smooth, flat, level surface, mark the position of the rear of the truck. Truck


6. Cut the string ( a clean cut is needed without the scisors interfeering with the spring, burning through the string may give a cleaner interference free release).

Describe and explain what happens, how far do things move.

1. Experiment with using a smaller or larger truck.
2. Experiment with using a smaller or larger weight.
3. Experiment with using a stronger spring.

Cheap & Dirty
The Truck Launch is the fun way to demonstrate Newton's Third Law. You may be thinking "it's a simple law; there must be a simpler way". You're right. There is:
1. Blow up a balloon.
2. Let it go.
This is also a great demonstration of what your rocket will do with the fins removed.

Sir Isac Newton (04-01-1643 / 31-03-1727

Ok let’s start with those dates you are going to argue that Isaac was born on 25-12-1643 and died on 20-03-1726 it all depends on which calendar you use, Isaac was born during the period when the Julian calendar was used but died just after the start of use of the modern Gregorian calendar, with the modern Gregorian calendar the dates in the title are correct, if however you use the old Julian calendar then the alternative dates in the text are correct.





Sir Isaac Newton was an English Physicist and Mathematician, Newton was a very influential scientist and shaped a lot of the way we think of things, many of his findings are still key today as per his first, second and third laws opposite.

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