The Original Micro Hybrid was designed by Rene Caldera who started work on the Micro Hybrid back in 1996. Since then Rene has marketed the plans and a parts kit for those who want to build their own. The founder of Eclipse Rocketry approached Rene about selling manufactured motors and started making and selling motors under an agreement with Rene back in 2001. Now you can get the Micro hybrid as a ready to fly item. Below is a picture of the first Micro Hybrid off the original production line.

Eclipse Rockertry also sell them in kit form.


Micro Hybrid

The Micro Hybrid is the smallest available hybrid motor, it is classified as an experimental motor as it has not been put forward for certification by NAR or CAR. The Microhybrid uses 8g cream whipper nitrous oxide chargers as the source of oxidiser and a solid tubular safe fuel grain of varying materials from paper through different plastics and composites.

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